Where can one find the map list?

  • Hey yo.

    Few times I’ve seen players vote maps but I never seem to able to find the list of maps. When typing to the console votechangemap or whatever it asks for the map string number/name.

    Any help? 8-) I’d love to play that one sea shore map that is not on the cycle at default in Objective Mode and also using map vote would decrease the use of some bugged/laggy maps that we have.

  • AOCTO-Hillside_P is the map you’re looking for, by the way.

  • Thanks Sly!

    Unfortunately it seems that people who play on EU Objective servers are surprisingly reluctant to try a new, hidden map that’s not a cycle. :? Tried countless times to get the poll to pass but it was always 4-7 / 30. Really weird. I simply don’t get it. Who wouldn’t want to try a new map? It’s been those three same maps for weeks now and some of them are more bugged than others.

    I am disappoint.

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