September 3rd

  • Why is that day gonna bring me happiness?

    Why is this day so busy?

    Why did I make this post?

  • I refuse to take part in this until that day.

    I refuse to wonder and be excited when I’ll never know until that day

    I simply REFUSE.

  • Wat?

  • In Canada its Merchant Navy Remembrance Day, maybe that’s why?

  • ……?

    Is this another one of those American specific things, that they think everyone else knows / cares about, because everywhere else doesn’t exist, again? :P


    As on September 3rd I bring you one of the best games of the decade (other than chivalry of course).

    I mean come on there has to be some total war guys around.

  • Ohh, is it Rome II?

    I LOVED Rome Total War 1. Wish I had more time to pick up and play the new un. I fought under the name “Bigguss Dickuss” (Monty Python joke) online.

    I remember participating in a tournament and taking down some dude called Sun Tzu (heh) who wrote tactics and guides on some of the most popular sites around its launch.

    He was Romans I think. We were on Tourney rules so the unit limit was small, so I had to make do with a smaller army than usual, and knew I wouldn’t be able to last through a full strategic Roman attack, so I used surprise to my advantage.

    I was pretty badass with the Selucids. I made a standard battle line of Phalanx, with a unit of Legionnaires at the sides and an archer behind, with a few units of Cataphracts at the rear left. Of course he saw me arranged as if I was going to fight a standard Greek defensive spear line, but as soon as the battle started, I raised my spears and CHARGED his infantry. Soon as my guys got close they lowered and pinned them down in battle. While that was happening I swept my Cataphracts round behind him, took out his general, then barrelled them into the rear of his army, he routed quickly. All I remember him saying afterwards was “Biggus creamed me” XD

    Offensive Spearman tactic really surprised him hehe. I have fond memories of that game and still have it. Love the awesome strategies you could pull off in battles. I remember my philosophy being to NEVER give up, even when it looks like you’re losing, a quick thinking tactic can turn the battle in your favour.

  • Lol I was really bad at multiplayer. I used infantry too much and didn’t like spearman. So often got raped by cavalry.

    In shogun 2 fall of the samurai I’m a bit better. Though there’s that annoying avatar unlock system but thy have ditched that for rome 2. Rome 2 has become complicated agin which is good. Shogun 2 didn’t have that complicated aspect like other total war games did. It was all very simple.

    You can get the demo of rome 2 right now. Though the only way to get it is to complete a survey from anywhere. And by survey they mean lots of viruses and malware and shit. If your lucky you could have an actual survey or something that you just sign up for. But in my country you have to really download stuff. Which often came with viruses. Once you have done their “survey” you then download it and boom before you know it you are playing rome total war 2. The demo version he but t goes over the basic parts of the game.

  • Nothing To See Here Folks…

  • Rayman Legensds is releasing on that too day.

    I’m still excited about Rome 2 releasing on that day, got my pre-order yesterday. :D

    Although, I’m not done, I think a few more games were scheduled for that date, which then got the date changed.

    Another thing is also suppose to happen on that date but I forgot. Odd though that a lot of games were planned to release on that day, would have probably broken a record of Games Released without being along a console release…


  • @Pbrandon1:


    Double post?

    I count 3.

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