Unofficial "weapon pack" idea list.

  • First there was a promise of new unexplored ways to be used to kill more foes…

    There should be a sticky thread where people would post their weapon ideas, and some brave forum-lurker could update the first post (list), so the devs can get ideas / learn what ideas are most popular for the “weapon pack” that is to come.

    Pretty much in the same way Vesanus did for the video section…

    Or at least that’s what I thought just before I realised this was going to be my next goal in life, to keep me entertained while waiting for the release and the better goal of my life.

    You heard it, peasants, knights, yeomen, men at arms, archers, vanguards, militians, townfolk and royal family , here comes the…

    (regularly updated)


    Estoc (
    Gladius (
    Scimitar (
    Double daggers (

    Quarterstaff (
    Awlpike (


    Flail (
    Mallet (
    Pole-hammer (
    Bar Mace (


    Sling (
    Composite bow (

    -Small projectiles


    Small steel buckler (

    Spreadable oil
    Caltrops (

    Trypanon (

    TLDR: Post your weapon ideas to add your weapon to the list, or add +1 to it’s fan’o-meter if it already exists. Also, I will look for any image you can offer to represent the weapons. You can then propose or discuss the weapon stats effects.

    Be sure to check the ARSENAL PAGE ( to be sure your cool weapon addition is really an addition and is not already in the game.

    PS: the first ideas you will see are those widely asked on the forums, and mine own ideas (who said I couldn’t partcipate and add my own votes ?)

    PPS: I decided to delete the numbers next to the weapon names for I realised it could be too complicated for me . Also some German words led me to English words when I looked at them on wikipedia (“panzerstecher”->Estoc, “ahlspiess”->Awlpike). And I stole stuff from TheCheekyTree topic (

    Last update : Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:10 pm

  • A scimitar like this
    really curved so that it doesn’t look like the saber !

  • Steel buckler
    Small as it is(diameter about 30 cm), perfect for close fight, gives nearly no defense from arrows.
    Profits => faster recovery than average 1h weapon, less cost of stamina than av. 1h weapon. Perfect for bashing (mb faster shield bash?)
    Block zone same as for parries.

  • Not really a weapon, but how about spreadable pitch/oil which can be ignited by the MAA or a flaming archer arrow once they are added?

  • @Sir:

    Not really a weapon, but how about spreadable pitch/oil which can be ignited by the MAA or a flaming archer arrow once they are added?

    would be awesome ! i +1 this idea :D

  • An Ahlspiess would look awesome, but I fear the playing style would be too similar to the normal spear for it to be worth the effort.

  • Hell yes quarterstaff and sling.

    I think the shortbow is a composite bow, by the way.

  • Already posted this in “Extra Weapons” topic but oh well…

    My little ideas about what extra weapons must be implemented.
    There are many ranged weapons and their types available for Archer class, so I think he doesn’t need another variant of bow/crossbow rather than completely different projectile weapon. So here is an idea:
    Archer only weapon. Bit more range than light javelin, but with less damage. Probably a bit larger projectile size to compensate this. After attack button is pressed, he will do one swing then release cord and sends projectile. If attack button is held he will continue rotation, but immobile during it. After projectile is released he will start “reload” animation and can walk during it.
    What can be added: different projectiles - stone, lead, oil pot that can be set on fire by friendly fire arrows and torches; add increase in speed/projectile power if button is held; add two animations which depended on button pressed since according to wiki there are two main methods of using it - overhead and underhand, first for accuracy, second for range.
    There is already a shield called “Buckler Shield” in game. But one that I am talking about is small “fist” buckler with size around 7-10 inches. So here is an idea:
    MAA and (probably) Archer shield. It offers a very bad protection against projectiles, so you need to be very lucky to block one (possible achievement?). But it main purpose to deflect blows from enemy weapons. If you successfully block enemy blow - opponent will receive additional (small) time to their recoil animation OR there will be clash and opponent attack will be deflected to the side and opponent will be in “miss” animation allowing to punish him with some fast weapon. Bash attack will be faster than other shields, but with less damage/stun. Possible downgrade - inability to block ?onsecutive blows, i.e. you can block only 2-3 strikes with one-handed weapons and 1-2 (or unable at all) from two-handed weapons before running out of stamina, so you must rely on dodges/footwork and well timed blocks rather than block spam/blocking all the time.
    Although there is similar looking swords, I think game needs thrusting only two-handed sword.
    So here is an idea:

    MAA and Vanguard weapon. This weapon made to pierce armor, so it attacks will deal additional damage to Vanguards and Knights OR completely ignore their armor. I cannot think what’s damage it will inflict (mb 50% on stabs?). Attack types: slash - waist level thrust example, stab - there is already very good and realistic stab attack with two-handed swords, overhead - downward thrust example. So slash will be fast (for two-hander), medium range, low power attack; stab will be slow, long range, high power attack; overhead will be slow (medium speed?), short range, high power “from above” attack which can go over shield if they do not block correctly. Overall it will be medium damage (probably lower than other two-handers), medium range, fast, but with narrow attacks.
    Very popular demand and I liked it in AoC. So here is an idea:
    Knight only weapon. Well, I can’t really think anything newer about it, so devs just can copy-paste it straight to CMW albeit with less deceiving 1st and 3rd person animations. Or maybe add that “wind up” mechanic that I heard about.

  • buckler fits knight well
    instead of archer
    archers are already too confident in close fights

  • shortbow is already prty much a composite bow. the other ideas and the awlpike are really cool.

    id like to see a “panzerstecher” instead of an thrusting dagger or maybe both.

    yea why not a sling for anti archery.

    and a siege weapon the trypanon for drilling through walls .XD no shit

  • Oh, another +1 on the Estoc. For the Knight, I think - the Vanguard already has a lot of stabbing weapons while the Knight lacks anything stab-focused, the closest being the Sword of War and the Pole Axe which are both very versatile anyway.

    Wingy I think it was mentioned a mallet at one point, which at first I thought would just be no different from a mace or warhammer, but now I think would make for a unique Man-at-Arms weapon - very low range and much slower than any of the maces, but as heavy hitting as the War Axe while dealing blunt damage, making it a great knight slayer.

    Pole hammer for the Vanguard - long, two-handed warhammer, moderate range relative to other vanguard weapons and about as fast as the billhook. Would give the vanguard a blunt weapon to take on heavy classes behind shields; currently your best option for getting around a shield is a sword, but knights shrug off slash damage.

    Also, just a sudden thought - maybe bring back the silly double knives from AoC as a MaA primary so we can be ninjas again.

  • mallet for archers not for maa i think would be prty realistic cause the wales dudes had em

  • Decided to skip counting, sorry for those who started it.
    Instead I will move at the top of each sublist the most liked ideas.

    Also, my own opinion on those weapons : there are nice ideas, but I do hope I won’t get overwhelmed by names from foreign languages (I am not even a Native english speaker :? ).

    My turn at attempting to say something interesting :
    The gladius would be something that would complete gameplay, being to the thrusting dagger what the shortsword is to the broad dagger : somehow weak slashes and overheads, but powerful short-range stabs.

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