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  • Hey All!

    What Are We Looking For?

    // We are Survival Gaming! We are a new community that just set up and are currently looking for members! We have multiple game servers! We have a DayZ Origins server! A Minecraft Server which is currently in heavy development! And finally we have a Chivalry Server all for the community to enjoy \

    // Not only are we looking for members to join the community we want to open our teamspeak 3 server up to anyone that has a team or is looking for a team to join! We will provide you and your team with a locked channel so you wont be disturbed! There is a “Looking For Team” channel that people can join so people can recruit for their chivalry teams! \

    // Important Information \

    Teamspeak 3:

    Server: Survival Gaming

    Dont forget to add it to your favourites! ;-)

    We are having a website done professionally for the community and will be up when its done :-)

    //Note: If you join the teamspeak, there is a channel “Requesting Channel” Where a member of staff will assist you in creating your channel for you and your team! \

    // If a team is inactive for more than 1 week (No-one joining the channel) Your channel will be removed for inactivity reasons \

    Thank You!


    Survival Gaming

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