To Boost Website Activity: Chivalrous Player Blogs

  • Create a subforum in the “Community” section where site visitors with 30-50+ posts can create their own sub-sub forums (limit one per blogger) to serve as a blog. These blogs can be about anything, but bloggers would be encouraged to mention something– at least a small anecdote— Chivalry-related (either the game, or IRL chivalry) in each post. This would be sort of a subtley-mentioned aspect and not mandatory, in order to not scare off would-be bloggers because they feel bound by this rule, but it would give a cute little tie-in and create more of a thematic atmosphere.

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  • Could be a good community idea, however on most forum systems you can only create subforums with control panel access. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem however as the number of people likely to want to do this is rather small, so admin approval would be the best method. Much more likely to come into play with a system like the AoC forums when the game is released for clans to have their own section, or at least the major clans.

  • yah, ganna end up needing sub forums for recruiting and what not, post events and stuff, but i doubt putting one up right now would be all that effective

  • We will review the forum layout to better suit the needs of the community when we move closer towards a Beta state.

  • We could always set up a shared blog on blogspot and blog chivalrious stories there.

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