Multi threading

  • Hi,

    Most of the games developed today are optimized for dual core processors, like Chivalry for my understanding.

    But there are these AMD Processor users like myself included who has more cores but lower Clock speed compared to Intel owners and for the games developed.

    I’v been always intrested on multithreading and thats why I am asking about this question, even tho I don’t know the UDK engine itself.

    “Game thread” is possible to divide to sub threads who can handle things like.

    • Network input
    • Network output
    • Network packet prosessing
    • Physics loop
    • Audio system
    • Game mechanics / locations / updates
    • Player input = read (keyboard / mouse / gamepads / joysticks) and process input for actor

    “Draw thread” is possible to divide into 2 threads:

    • Pre-process thread
      what processes the game data and prefetches and calculates needed data for drawing, so the drawing thread itself only needs to do simple drawing loop and no calculating itself making the FPS faster.

    But like I said I don’t know UDK engine so all systems can be integrated and not changeable, but atleast I wanted to give some thinking, incase you want to optimize game for low clocked multi core processors =)

  • Depends on the licence.

    They are using the udk, not a fully licensed Unreal 3 engine. You do not have access to the source code if you are using the udk. Someone that knows more please correct me if im wrong, but i think that includes alot of the items you listed.

    To alter most of the items there would need a full licence and a developer who really knows his stuff. If they have either of these, is not for me to say. :)

  • We are on the full license. We just never really made that public :P

  • Wow nice, congrats guys - thing is expensive! :)

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