Offline LAN Server possible? [SOLVED]

  • Hello,

    The question:
    Is there ANY way to play Chivalry in a LAN with Steam set to “Offline mode”?

    The situation:
    We are doing a LAN party with 8 people in a few weeks and we would LOVE to play Chivalry. The location is deep in the woods, so there is NO CHANCE to get Internet, not even via LTE / mobile phones. So everyone sets Steam to “Offline mode” before going to the LAN party.

    The problem:
    As long as Steam is online, I can create a server without problems, and people can join. But it does not work when Steam is set to “Offline mode”. The message “Invalid UID” appears when trying to join.

    Any solution that could work in our situation would be appreciated.

  • One of the developers helped me to find the solution to host LAN games in the offline environment:

    First, a dedicated server must run without Steam: To do that you have to download the dedicated server: In the Steam library, select “Tools” and install Chivalry dedicated server.
    Then edit PC-ServerUDKEngine.ini in the folder …\Steam\steamapps\common\chivalry_ded_server\UDKGame\Config and change the string

    “bEnableSteam=true” to “bEnableSteam=false”

    Then you can start a dedicated server’s UDK.exe without Steam running in background.

    Now, with Steam set to “Offline mode” you can join that server with the normal game via console command “open IPADRESS”.

    Details for dedicated server set up are here: viewtopic.php?f=72&t=9559

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