Haha in first on the new forum

  • Massive header logo. Kimi cant even access it. lol changing no doubt.

    Just like to say I was very good and did not continue the phpBB install hehe


  • I’ve been here for a bit, Not sure what to think of this forum yet. I’m probably just gonna wait for the finished patch notes to come up.

  • Not liking the new forum so far.

  • Btw, it’s the exact same forum. Just a different scheme to match our website.

    But a lot of things aren’t complete yet, so it’s making viewing new posts and what not a pain in the butt. So wait til’ we can work on it tomorrow. It’s super late :)

  • Kimi can defend it all she likes as a dutiful community manager.

    But there are dozens of reasons as to why this new forum format is possibly the worse forum setup in the history of medieval warfare.

  • Of course I’m going to defend it, because as I have said many times, not everything is complete yet. You guys are here before the domain has even resolved to everyone else.

    You are also quick to be a pain in the butt. :P

    And if you don’t like it, well too bad. looks at door :P

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