Where did the weapon force file go?

  • did this file get removed?

    new weapon attachment

    I dont understand why it would be taken out as it is very usefull in modding a server and its weapons.

    have you nerfed this from our grasp now too?

  • and what about the family info file?

    so let me get this straight, you guys purposely took out some of the files admins use to mod a server?

    thats so great of you, as if it isnt hard enough enough to make this game sum what awesome fast paced and hardcore with each nerf/patch you guys roll out, and now intentionly you have removed the files that admins use to mod a server?

    why would you do that to us?
    i run the most intense server in this game by far hands down, you would think that you would want stuff to be modded to push your game to new heights and extend the games longevity

    never have i seen a company shit on admins the way that you guys have.

    if we do not have access to these files any more then i am done with this nerfest of a game!


  • Developer

    The vast majority of changes to these files wouldn’t have any effect if only changed on a server, and will potentially create issues because of the client/server mismatch.

    These values have moved from the .ini files into the scripts. This was partially done because it makes modding support easier, and partially because server operators not updating these configs was causing issues due to client/server mismatches. When the SDK functionality moves into the main game, modifying scripts and creating a proper mod will be the way to change these; until then, this is only supported in the Beta app.

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