Admin Files Removed In Last Patch???

  • why were alot of files removed in the last patch?

    new weapon ini
    familiy info ini
    new weapon attachment ini

    why would you guys do that to admins and the modding comunity?

    i dont understand why torn banner wants to do admins so wrong when thats who really pushes your game day to day, without admins there would be no servers.

    what is the deal guys?

    i thought the last patch was supposed to help admins? and not take away files they would need to make a moddded server, different from the regular game.

  • Actually those ini files were hurting modders more than they were helping because they don’t replicate to clients and it can seriously screw up client/server weapon timing and animation consistencies.

  • 1st off plenty of stuff works in those files,
    2nd the stuff that doesnt get pushed to client is yet another glitch in this game called the server to client push and has nothing to do with the files!
    3rd dont even try that nonsense, ive modded those files for 8 months and the hit detection and just about everything else worked way better on my server then what you guys play.

    my server ran just fine, other then the bugs still in the game, till this.
    i think you sabotaged me on purpose lol

    its just real funny how all the nerfs and deceit just totaly killed my server completely as far as mods go

    you know if it wasnt for mods then you guys wouldnt even be here right now, your whole concept came from a mod, so why are you sabotaging me?

    i have watched you ruin my server for 8 months with nerf after nerf after nerf.
    and let me quote you on this i found on the internet

    Torn Banner Studios is a newly formed video game development company that aims to bring deep passion and full immersion to its games. We are an indie company and maintain a close-knit connection with our fanbase to ensure our games please and delight.

    do you think i am pleased right now?
    do you think the hundreds of people that play on my server every week are delighted that is just not the same, with no mods, stock as ever and slow as molasis?

    you guys have been getting real shady lately, alot of the stuff you do in every nerf patch you dont even list in the change logs!

    you took out the option to join game in game, which lets ppl add a server to their favs without having to leave a server and deal with the browser bugs.
    you removed the bot names from the tab screen, and you also changed alot of their names.

    and most importantly you removed all the files that have done wonders to this game for over 8 months now just by changing a few values, i have created the most epic experience you can get in this game period!

    and you said this patch was suposed to help admins

    the excuses you guys made in my other topic in server operators hub and locked are total nonsense, none of that stuff happens if its done right, we all shouldnt get punished cause some cant do it right.
    it shouldnt be that hard in the first place,
    also if done, they should work too.

    once again you have slapped the admins and the modding comunity
    i dont understand why you do these things to us?

    i may come on here and seem crazy but all i want is a more awesome chivalry!
    i dont know why its so hard for people to realize that, people that come to play on my server love it and alot of them have said they would have stopped playing if it werent for my server.doesnt that count for anything?

    i would also like to go on record and state that i like the way the game looks after the last patch in the intro and how you can hit esc and skip it just like in unreal tournament.

    also the player customizations are looking really awesome and even though it was a lil weird at first seeing fushia colored players attacking me, the diversity i have seen so far is pretty neat and should def improve the fun factor and give players a more self customization feel to each of their characters.

    finally i get to see my vet helms! :D
    thank you on that too,
    it is much appreciated since i am lvl 54 and have never seen them. :o

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