So uhh, you broke admin.

  • So I rebound the admin login to the O key. An that worked fine I can log in as admin fine t says I’ve logged in the chat box.

    People complain about those with high ping so I go to the scoreboard, press B click on their names and click admin kick.

    Nothing happened.

    I kept trying pushing the log in button and trying again and it didn’t work. No matter who I tried to kick.

    I click votekick and it launches a votekick as it them fine. But as admin you can’t votekick normally.

    So logging in as admin doesn’t actually make you an admin.

    This is rather an important thing to fix. And now our 27 servers are defenceless. We can only threaten them.

  • Ok so I found out why this happens.

    You have to go to the console and give a stupid reason.

    Who’s idea was this? This is a dumb idea. Why make the game LESS user freindly. An admin is an admin he can kick people its his server. I don’t want to go to the console to give a bloody reason.

    Its a stupid idea. Get rid of it.

  • Yep. Cant say I like this new way for mass exodus of laggers. I dont mind this new way, ONLY if you can still kick via scoreboard and the reason needed pops up in a mini box on your screen to input a reason.

    Tap enter then bam, kick the lagger.

  • The old way is better.

    Also the admincancelvote command doesn’t work.

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