Votekick Spamming.

  • Recently I’ve been playing against these 2 people who keep trolling, and are horrible at it. Now, ignoring trolling is easy and fine, but it gets silly when they both are making votekicks and both keep leaving the server and rejoining just to start it again. Can anything be done about this with the votekick system?

  • Yeah I was in the same game, was pretty pathetic to watch two guys trying to kick someone so badly.

  • Just got kicked again from the LTS US East server from the same guys, didnt even do anything, and once they see me enter they cast a vote. Guys are jackbaldy and ~X~.

  • This is what I hate about vote systems, but it was needed because none of the servers are currently being actively administrated as they’re all owned by the hosting company. Once the clans and community members start getting their own servers, you shouldn’t have to worry about being votekicked because the admins will deal with it themselves, but up until then, not much can really be done about it.

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