Not getting latest update?

  • For whatever reason my game is not updating to the latest update with all of the customization. Also when I go in game and look for servers there is very very few, I am assuming only servers from other players that have not received the update either. I am going to reinstall and see what happens, Will update with results.

  • UPDATE: Reinstalled and still now new content. I decided to run Steam’s cache integrity verification and the chache is fine. I have no idea what could be wrong…

  • Another update… I installed the Beta Client and obviously there i can see the recent content, I am pretty sure this update is supposed to be out of beta… also all of the servers on the beta client are empty. Still have no idea what is wrong.

  • I’m getting the same problem. The server browser is also showing only about 30 servers, all with 0 players. I’m assuming these are all servers that haven’t been updated.

  • Fixed! I went and uninstalled again, only this time I checked My Documents/My Games/ and deleted anything that had to do with Chivalry, I also did this for the Steam/Steamapps/Common folder, then I reinstalled it and everything works fine now.

  • Just for reference for anyone else having this problem.

    The solution is actually to right click on the game in steam, go properties, select the beta tab, and untick the “opt into beta” box. Because the beta client was changed a while back to a separate downloadable game.

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