Friends joining/inviting crashing the game since patch.

  • With the new update the join friend feature always crashed my game to desktop. Same with my friends game. We had to give each other the server name old-school-like. If you guys could fix that, well that’d just be swell. :D

  • happens to me too

  • K what the fuck it’s been 3 days of this shit and I see nobody else talking about this, you made it impossible to play with friends, what the fuck, seriously fix this shit asap this is bullshit

  • This issue require a BUMP!
    With the last “customization and really useful” update the “join game” steam feature has gone to hell with a beautiful crash to desktop.
    The only thing that work is exiting the game and joining when it’s closed (and then praying in the main menu screen until something happen because no message will tell you that something is going on…).

    Before this patch the “join game” feature was already working really BAD with meaningless cryptic error message (that sometimes later i understand that often was meaning “SERVER FULL”…) but now it’s completely BROKEN.

    The big and small patches have passed but how is possible that this doesn’t get the devs attention?

    Please polish the critical features of this beautiful and original game rather than adding useless features…

  • the problem is it just doesnt work!
    it has always been buggy
    but hey lets nerf everything and not fix anything, lets take out the modding files in the game cause thats the “real” issue here

    its always not let you join off a buddy, unless your game is 100% closed and you try to join off them.
    otherwise it will give you an array of diff error messages if your game is open and you try to join off them.

  • Bump fix it.

  • not impossible to play with friends, can still use the friends tab, but yeah you have to do the runaround of finding which server they’re in now rather than just joining off them, and crashes your game to boot… WEEEEEEEEEE!

    idk what always happens between beta and live but… i swear tb does some weird ass last minute shit every time or something. Not one patch deploys smoothly lol. I say do 1 change at a time, and split the patch over a month, lmao

  • I’m having the same problem… :(

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