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  • Hey guys. If any of you are like me and use the 360 controller to play, you may have experienced some frustration while attempting to utilize game mechanics that are difficult, sometimes down right impossible, to pull off. Mapping from the config menu is a hassle, also, as the 360 control can’t seem to shed it’s mappings that the game was shipped with. To reconcile this, I went into the DefaultInput ini in the Configs folder of the UDK folder found in the Chivalry folder. I tweaked it so things like ducking under weapons and unequipping a shield with a one handed weapon are possible. The game treats this new config as if it were the default, so you can still double map things in the keybinds menu. This is my edited ini. Select the entire GAME CONTROLLER BINDINGS section and paste the below over it. If you attempt to play the game, it will still use the old bindings, but will detect the new ones after hitting “reset.” If anyone is interested in how I did this I’ll explain, but it’s pretty straight forward. If anyone thinks this is important enough, I’ll put it up on the Nexus site, too. Anyway, here are the edited ini lines:

    .Bindings=(Name=“XboxTypeS_Y”,Command=“PlayBattleCry 1”)
    .Bindings=(Name=“XboxTypeS_LeftTrigger”,Command=“DoParry | Onrelease LowerShield | GBA_Aim”)
    .Bindings=(Name=“XboxTypeS_X”,Command=“GBA_Use | GBA_Reload | GBA_Feint”)

    .Bindings=(Name=“XboxTypeS_LeftThumbstick”,Command=“GBA_Sprint | GBA_Zoom”)

    .Bindings=(Name=“XboxTypeS_DPad_Up”,Command=“switchweapon 1”)
    .Bindings=(Name=“XboxTypeS_DPad_Down”,Command=“switchweapon 2”)

    .Bindings=(Name=“XboxTypeS_DPad_Left”,Command=“switchweapon 3”)
    .Bindings=(Name=“XboxTypeS_DPad_Right”,Command=“switchweapon 4”)

  • I don’t have an Xbox controller but I do know that the alternate server browser has a part were you can map binds easily for an Xbox controller.


    It doesn’t say it can on te first page. He hasn’t updated the first page. But on another posby the OP he added it in and has screenshots.

  • Yeah, the config needs a bit of configuration and it’s a shame it’s still not properly implemented (and reload is still broken in the game - I reported these various gamepad issues almost a year ago :? ).

    Here is an alternative more standard layout for those used to playing with the xbox controller on consoles. It’s been a while so can’t remember what parts I edited.

    Weapon cycle on Y, kick on right thumbstick, crouch toggle DPAD DOWN/UP, battle cry left DPAD, reload (fixed) on B.

    .Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftTrigger",Command="DoParry | Onrelease LowerShield | GBA_Aim")
    .Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_B",Command="GBA_Feint | GBA_Reload")
    .Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftThumbstick",Command="GBA_Sprint | GBA_Zoom")

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