Please fix the unlock and level bug

  • First of all, I would like to mention that the level bug still hasn’t been fixed. I went up from 14 to 25, then gathered enough experience and slowly reached 28 after some time. Now, I killed an enemy player just to go down to level 5 again.

    I intend to unlock all secondary weapons for the Vanguard, but I noticed that the unlock progress for the second one is stuck at 15. Neither restarting the game, nor re-joining any server fixed this issue.

    Btw, the new forum style looks nice.

  • Seconded. I love the gameplay in Chivalry, but the progression system is broken for me and is really taking away from the experience. I’ve unlocked the spiked mace twice, and the fork likes to shift between unlocked and locked randomly when switching maps. Kills for most other weapons don’t seem to count.

    Before someone says it, I HAVE been playing on official servers… :P

  • Hi there,

    We’re looking into this!


  • I killed thousands in 1-4oct but my UDKstats.ini was changed only at 1oct… Played on official and nonofficial servers - xp value still didnt changed.

    So i can do something else instead of playing dis game before nextmonthly fix right?

  • I’ve been ranking up from 46-47 about 15-20 times in theese past days, starting to get annoying. It’s kinda neat to gain a rank every 2nd-3rd round though as it usually takes a while, although it’s the same rank. :P

  • Same issues here than TruStylez, my udkstats.ini was modified for the last time the 1oct…
    I’m rank 49 and i just need 1k kills to rank up, it’s very annoying.

    And it’s not a minor issue, there is a lot of my teammates in the same situation than me and, i think that there is a lot of people who haven’t discovered yet they can’t rank up since the last patch.

    So please, fix this issue quickly.

  • @Kimiko:

    Hi there,

    We’re looking into this!


    Good to know!

  • For the past few days I’ve been stuck on level 5. I would rank up one match and then the next match I would be back to level five. The same goes with my weapon unlocks as well. The weird thing is that it only happens during a match, I would be at level 6 and then go back down to 5 half way through. Why is this?

  • The last patch should fix the problem… but not for me.
    The game doesn’t save the killings, are only counted during the match, with new map or if i quit the game the killings are expired.

    Yes, also on official server.

  • After the update, the game worked fine for a few days. Now it won’t save my kills or my levels again. Sure, sometimes after I unlocked a weapon and started a new match it was gone. All i had to do is leave the game and join a new one and I had all my weapons again. Now that doesn’t even work anymore. What should I do?

  • This problem is still on-going on official and non-official servers. Any idea when a fix will be implemented? For newer players like myself we’re limited in what weapons we can use despite how many hours we might log.

  • @jedstrom:

    This problem is still on-going on official and non-official servers. Any idea when a fix will be implemented? For newer players like myself we’re limited in what weapons we can use despite how many hours we might log.

    At moment, for me work most times (not always) if:

    1-Play on Official
    2-Finish the match
    3-After the new map is loaded quit server
    4-Join an official server… and your kills and unlock of last match are ok

    Sometime the kills or part of the kills are counted later.

  • I found a work-around! And possibly the source of the bug!

    A few days ago I unlocked both maces for MAA class without any trouble. But then I tried to unlock the axes, and although the kill counter would go down during a match, after the map changed it would reset as if the last match hadn’t happened. Sometimes it would recover the kills after I made one kill in the new map, but then reset again after I changed server.

    However, if I quit the server before the map changed, and then rejoined the same server, it would save my kills properly and I was able to unlock the axes this way.

    Seemingly, quitting and rejoining the same server would save my stats, but if the server changed map or I changed server, it would not. Hope this helps with debugging!

  • I have found that playing official servers and quitting does not seem to help. I still lose my weapon progression but retain my overall Customization unlocked (I keep having my Great Mace, the last unlock for my knight, reset).

  • Just tossing my hat in the ring. I’ve owned this game for a while, but haven’t really played it until recently, so I have not unlocked anything. I have earned rank one, but I didn’t earn it, because it didn’t count once the match ended, and I have not unlocked any weapons, because every time I use a weapon and get kills it counts them while I am in game, but once the game is over, it resets and I am stuck at nothing.

    I am pretty disappointed, when I looked up help on the problem, it is apparently a known issue that remains unaddressed. This really takes away from the entire point in the game for me. It is in no way a minor issue, I cannot gain any rank or weapons, and am essentially stuck at newb status for eternity. For a newcomer to the game, this is essentially game-breaking. I am going to uninstall until something is done to fix this. I see no point in continuing to play the game if it does not work, and I will not purchase the upcoming DLC if it is apparent that there are still outstanding issues with the original that have not been addressed.

  • Yeah, same problem for me. I can’t rank up or unlock anything. I can’t believe this has been a bug for over a year. I’ve found threads on it all over the place dating back to last October! “We’re looking into it” is all the devs have said. How can this many people have the same problem for so long and not be addressed as a major bug. I love the gameplay but it really makes it hard to enjoy it when I have to start at basic weapons every single match while watching half of the other people running around with all the good weapons. I’m just glad I only paid $6 for the game last weekend instead of $25 or I’d be asking for my money back. Please actually fix this, Devs.

  • Bought the game with 5 of my friends and none of us are able to rank up or unlock any sort of weapons can you please post something that doesn’t just say “WE ARE LOOKING INTO THIS” the game is a blast but you have no sense of achievement without leveling. Please address your customers.


    it do not works for everyone but for me it works

    1. you should open the console on the game whit " ` " or " ù " it depends
    2. type " reconnect " and press enter
    3. it will reconnect you to the game, it wont work immediately but do it every game and it will word since you did the first time " reconnect "

    I guarantee nothing because it does not work for my friend , but it should help a little bit pending repair.

    P.S. I am new to the forum so let me a chance

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