Best game ive played in years

  • Today has been an interesting day, first off it started bad with me buying War of the Roses which was terribly bad, then a guy on a forum suggested i should look for Chivalry and after looking at the videos i was really impressed but not completely sold just yet.

    A friend of mine gave me a tip that Combat Testing was testing this game which i have been a member of for years. So got my key and i thought i would find SOME negative aspects about the game, surely a game of this genre cant be done good or can it ?

    Its freakin amazing!

    The main difference about this game and games like Mount and Blade and War of the Roses is that you can be alot more tactical with the combat itself while not beeing prohibited by movement. In this game you can jump and run and still be able to perform these melee attacks which is of HUGE importance. It lets you be twitchy about the combat. Its more reaction and positional type of fighting which it should be.

    So combat, hands down, is the best ive played in any game. But the mapdesign is off the hook as well. Many maps reminds me from movies like Gladiator or lord of the rings battle scenes. It really looks epic. In the distance of some maps i could spot siege weapons laying fire, surely i didnt think players were actually in charge of these…… well to my surprise they were ! You can use siege weapons in this game as well which can lay down fire which will burn the skin of players and leave them screaming of pain.

    And thats another thing which this team has nailed completely. The authenticity of wounds, damage in general and sound effects. When you swing your blade and dismember a limb of your opponent it looks amazingly BRUTAL.

    Ive told as many people as possible about this game, they watched me stream it this evening and they all said the same. “Im buying this, i only needed to watch 30 seconds of the stream”

  • It’s funny how I have yet to see anyone come here and say “I tried your game after playing War of the Roses and was disappointed” - it’s always “I’d lost hope in melee games and humanity as a whole after WotR until playing Chivalry”. I wonder if there are any impressions of the reverse on the WotR boards? :P

    Regardless, good to have another soldier on the battlefield! May your blade always be bloodstained and your head remain firmly on your shoulders. At least until we meet face to face.

  • he left the dark side :D i cant wait to play this game :D

  • Roses or Blood…
    Feathers or Steel…
    Tears or Adrenaline…
    You have chosen wisely, young knight !
    Welcome in our ranks !

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