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  • I have been playing chiv for a few hours (100 +) and have noticed when a player moves and swings at the same time it causes increased swing rates sometimes impossible to block…. Is this a glitch or is it apart of the game and is it allowed?

  • it’s intended but kind of weird now, idk if i like it. When you have sprint key down and attack, you have a little jump forward. there’s always been a jump forward, but i believe they increased it a bit in the LAST patch, not the customization one. It’s odd because it seems a lot easier for vanguards and maybe even all classes to sidestep and throw their LMB slashes at you, can be quite annoying where i’m dead on with an overhead, then they get kind of bumped off just to the side of it and they’re only spamming lmb attack anyways… i feel like such a noob every time… but it feels almost like they dodge off to the side sometimes (like too far), very weird, and most of the time it doesn’t even look like they’re sprinting, just walking.

    Then again, there’s a lot of lag + laggy players that join servers too far away from them, so it could just be a matter of me seeing them in one spot, then all of a sudden they teleport to another, i mean that does happen. Those litttle lag movements are horrible and it’s as good as sidestepping, all you need is that slight movement to throw someone off and make them miss.

  • There currently appears to be a lot of clientside issues. Multiple times when I play with friends, what might have looked like a clean hit from my end, would have appeared to have missed completely on my friends. The biggest issue that stems from this is that it can be very hard to judge range, or if latency is involved, timing.

  • 3rd person can cause ridiculously fast swings/attacks too. Best to try and play on servers that don’t allow 3rd person. Thank God for servers ahe :P

  • how does 3rd person cause faster attacks? i think its just dragging but the fact that you’re in 3rd kind of helps that a bit?

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