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  • Winter Viking Coastal Village

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    Also Bugs and Personal thoughts.

  • Looking good, probably not much point in mentioning you can jump into roofs or the hole where those boys got up to dirty business, Kimi knows all about it :D

    I like the art and feel of the map. The Viking houses look good, and I can see you have a placeholder for a Viking Stave church. The docks with boats look good and it’s fun that you can jump from ship to ship even if they are just placeholders for the moment.

    One thing I would like to be able to do is climb up the log piles and onto the roofs. I really think this map needs another layer of some kind. Either that or expand the boat bit.

    I noticed one place where the path was separate from the terrain and you could see the gap in between.

    I would have taken a screenshot to show you what I mean but I presume that’s a no-no?

  • I like this map its a nice urban map.

    The layout is really just a circle with a line going through it more or less.

    There’s places where you just can’t fit through between buildings. You should be able to go through them. It would add more places where you can ambush people.

    And I like the boats and the ice. Making the ice slippery would be an added bonus.

  • I like this map, I love snow in general but it’s far more flat than the one we currently have in live (can’t remember the name but it’s a valley with two hills on each spawn).

    So the theme is great, and it flows pretty well. It’s not “too” big like the spartan map was. Like others mentioned, you can jump through some rooftops, and there’s also a segment near the boats where you can see the base blue / white blocks without textures through the ice. I would of taken a screenshot but that would be public wouldn’t it?

    Also, like the spartan map, I think most of the buildings should be opened up. The flow is okay now because the map isn’t too big, so it should be easy enough to find players; and there aren’t as many huts. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to open them. There doesn’t need to be a ton inside of them anyways, they’re just vikings.

  • The best part of this map was girls jumping on trampolines.

    It may be too early to call it this, but since all the buildings looked the same with not many landmarks at all, it was hard to find my way back to the point of interest – the previously mentioned trampoline.

  • Art
    The mountains and the Stave church look great in the background and the ships + ice look nice as well.

    Bit confusing as first but with a little playtime its easy to navigate.
    Plenty of different paths variations makes for some excellent ambush opportunities

    Seems balanced so far.
    The Samurai side seems to have better access to the ships though.

    Will edit with any more thoughts later.

  • Art
    So far the art needs work, the ship look half way carved like they are under construction, if you keep that maybe put some tools with benches around the ships and have a half carved ship. Like maybe one half way carved out of a giant tree. I like the mountains and the ice when things get edged out.

    The layout is ok, but your forced to walk around the middle, which is probably not a bad thing when you have more players. It has some shortcuts around buildings, I like that. As someone else mentioned it would be great to keep some roofs you can walk through, like hay roofs maybe. The ship area is treacherous and fun.

    Flowed well, the shortcuts make the flow even better, so did walking through roofs. When I say shortcuts I mean the little ramps in between buildings so you do not have to walk around. The one way ramps. I only saw one but I am guessing there is at least 1 more for the other side.

    Seems fair.

    Even though I played a 4v4 5v5 it didn’t seem to big.

    Some destructible huts would be nice or hay roofs you can walk through but are burnable with maybe torches.

    Yes slippery ice patches would be nice. Or maybe having all the ice slippery, only testing will tell :D .

  • It was hard for me to get a sense of where I was one the map since all of the buildings are similar. It was unclear to me which way I should be going. More unique, colorful landmarks, whether on-field or on the horizon(like the mountains or stave church), would help a lot with navigation.

    The waterfront area, especially out on the piers and among the ships, will make for a very unique and interesting place to fight, where good timing accuracy with kicks could give you an easy kill. However, the water hazard breaks immersion when you fall into it. There’s no drowning animation, no slow sinking, no underwater vignette that closes in, and it allows you to see the underside of the map.

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned already, but a couple of the longhouses don’t have collision on their thatching, allowing players to jump inside the roof and hide.

    There was also an area that I think will make for some annoying LTS ends - a little alley on an edge of the map distant from the waterfront. It hooks around pretty deep behind a shed-like structure, and could be a place that survivors will hide and force the enemy to search for five minutes. It could use a fence to block it off.

    I forsee actual play on the map to be very chaotic. With all the different routes people can take, we’ll have to keep our heads on a swivel for more people approaching our ongoing fights. Respawns will have a strong strategic advantage until they commit to a fight. I like this though, and actually feel like MORE alleys would be cool.

    Lastly, a blizzard would make this map SO COOL.

    • 1 for blizzard

  • Art style I recognized as being a viking map straight away and is looking good so far. I liked the snowy setting, would be good to see some actual snow precipitation.

    Seemed to be a bit tricky finding my way around though, it didn’t seem to have clear paths. Wasn’t difficult to feel lost. Seemed that most of the time we’d aim for the viking boat area, that seemed to be the most fun place to fight.

    Kinda feel like I need to see this map with a lot more players as vikings vs knights for it to feel “right”. ;)

  • Art
    I think the style was pretty good. The houses could use a little more variety to help with navigation / memory. Just the odd thing here and there. A painted door, a decaying wall, etc etc. Something to make the houses stand out. I figure you’ll get around to that anyway and these are just placeholders.

    A pretty sensible layout for a village of this type. I think it lends itself well to the game modes (TDM, hold the flag) we tried so far. It doesn’t feel too big. It might have been more interesting if there was more elevation change perpendicular to a line drawn between red and blue spawns (sloping down towards the sea obv.), perhaps with the buildings being laid out on two or three major “plateaus” of some kind as they meandered down, but that’s a pretty big change. It would help a lot with navigation and visibility, IMHO.

    Pretty good for a first run. It’s a bit confusing right now with cookiecutter houses, but some of the landmarks on the outskirts help with navigation/bearing. I was thinking it could do with one or two more shortcuts between buildings, but that might just result in too much cheap flanking. There are a few zones that feel a bit useless, with no reason for either team to really go out of their way to get or stay there. But I think with finalized art/design the teams would naturally gravitate toward a good battle on this map. Especially in the harbor, which is a blast to fight in.

    Haven’t tested this with a large force, but I can’t really foresee any huge balance issues here. I’ll have to take another look and see which side can get the best camping spot with the flag fastest, but other than that it’s pretty straightforward street fighting.

    Spot on. It’ll be great fun with lots of players.

    Other thoughts
    This is a map that would really benefit from some dynamic weather to add atmosphere. It would be totally awesome if snow storms passed overhead that obscured view distance a bit for random durations. I’m not convinced this map would really benefit much from houses you could enter, but it might help to have a few more pieces of cover on the streets to hide from ranged weapons.

  • IstqNOLXkLs

    Did have to laugh at the Chivalry part of this video when he says:
    “I’m really interested to see what Torn Banner decides to do next, hopefully it’s not a game about Vikings cuz otherwise Fatshark’s gonna be very very upset”


  • So I finally got to testing the new maps on my own. Thanks for updating the list Kimi.

    The viking map is okay but it misses alot of things in my opinion. I did like the way you recycled the training map mountain there, its very well done since alot of people never bothered to do the training as far as I understand so its good usage of that mesh.

    Like everything else people said here the map has good flow to it and is generally not too large but not too small, which is excellent. - However, here are some things I think its missing or needs improvment on:

    And a side idea would be that you could perhaps make the center have some kind of war drums players could click E in to trigger one drum hit, so players could try to sync their drumming for a dueling circle held in the middle??

    Thats it!

  • Art: The buildings lack distinct characteristics of viking architecture, mostly the dirt and grass on the roof to insulate the building from the harsh colds. I didn’t notice if you had any smoke holes in the roofs, but some smoke effects coming from the buildings would be a neat addition. After all, it’s cold!!! Needs a long house, to hold the ships when not in use, slightly pulled up from the water line but dug into the ground for easy access to push the ship to the ocean.

    Layout: This map is interesting. I’d rather not be in the town because it’s confusing and I get lost easily, despite the layout being quite simple. I think this has to do with no major land marks disseminating one section from another. I like the simplicity of the houses, and I noticed the houses now properly have invis barriers to disallow hiding in the attics of buildings.

    Flow: To continue on about the now closed off buildings, I felt they added a good connecting point in the map, two buildings in particular that you could previously jump between and get from street to street. I think a hole in those roofs to allow attic jumping would be a neat feature of the map, and would help with getting between the different paths. Otherwise, everything was fairly straight forward. I had a tendency to run towards the ships, because it was most open and felt more safe than being in the town where you could be ambushed.

    Fairness: Not really certain, feels fair enough.

    Size: Medium, a good size for constant combat with the potential for some off to the side 1v1 encounters. Better make it quick though, very open streets and landscapes make your duel turn into a battlefield in moments.

    Other Thoughts: I think I saw several Trelleborg Houses, which are quite iconic and add a lot to the Viking feel. The map needs more atmosphere, smoke from smoke holes in the roof, harsh winds blowing, the fjord is cold and unforgiving!

  • So a dirt road was added to that back area?

    The map is a pretty good size already but what’s one more route?

    The buildings make for some AWESOME ambush opportunity’s (especially with no foot sound :? )
    I totally assassinated a few peeps from behind by hiding in the corners :P

    I kind of miss being able to go into the buildings though. that many houses would lead to never ending LTS though.

  • Heyo, so I’m in charge of art and design for the viking map! I just wanted to let you all know that I have been reading all your feedback and incorperating changes into the map based upon it.

    A ton of the art has been improved upon, and the main design change has been a new path that king hinted to in the “back area” behind the longhouse, near where the blockout of the stave church is (complete opposite side of the water). I’ll definitely be looking for feedback concerning this new route.

    I’ve also been including more visual indicators, points of reference, and generally trying to make each side of the map a bit different to help differentiate where you are while still keeping the enclosed feeling.

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