Javelin Shield bugged

  • Hi !,

    I wonder and wonder again…

    The little round Shield , what you get with Javelin (Archer Class) dont hit !.
    It seems, that this Shield got a Hitbox bug or something else…

    Enemys stand next to me and the shield animation appears but no Hit O_o

    Please check it,


  • known issue with the tracers of the shieldpoke attack. however, i never have this problem. just sweep your buckler well enough into your enemy.

  • I can hit just fine with it, you gotta be close. try turning your player when hitting I might be doing that and not noticing

  • Just had a look at the tracers, and it’s no wonder I’ve been missing. They follow a verticle line through the middle of the shield rather than the rim, and barely make it half way to the centre of the screen. If you want to hit someone with this you have to really turn into it and they have to be much closer than you’d think. Punching range basically.

    Can’t even see tracers for the F attack, but that’s as bad.

    Fix pls.

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