Unresolved issues with patch

  • People still block attacks from ridiculous angles (blocking hits directly behind them etc.)

    Attacks still go through people.

    Desyncing is still there.

    But apart from that, I’m liking it.

    PS: This new forum is hard as fuck to read, please give us options to change styles or something that doesn’t make my eyes bleed.

    PPS: What were the specific changes with the notorious “bubble”?

    PPPS: Reserved for future gripes

  • i don’t even know where the blocking from behind even came from… you could block attacks behind you before, but at least then you had to crouch and lean back, no idea where this new thing came from, standing straight up not looking at you and can block attacks like pokes and slashes to the back.

    Also upset about the swings going through people, was using maul the other day and i had many swings go through people, and confirmed with the other player which was a friend of mine. His swings also went through me. In one duel, we had one of each players swings go through each other, we had a laugh and said well i guess it evened out. But still that crap needs to be fixed.

    Desyncs can still be bad, but it always seems like certain players only do it more for some reason. I was going against a guy, his ping was maybe in the 60’s so not bad at all, i would see his first swing, and then his combos would hit me but all i saw is 1 swing. If you watch the tournament highlights EU 6v6, my stream and also the youtube video recorded and captured at least 2-3 desyncs IN SLOW MOTION lol. So yeah, they are still there and pretty prevalent.

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