[MAP SUGGESTION] Ships and boats.

  • I posted this on I&S, but I’m still not sure if Torn Banner will make it or if modders will. I am not claiming credit for this picture, or half these ideas, I just thought there was a need for a B&I thread about this.Here’s a pic of some modules that someone made, so some modders are already working on this.

    FYI, I am talking about different things when I say ships and boats below.

    My ideas:

    This map has nearly nothing to do with Naval Warfare. It is simply a map made of several boats and two ships planked together.

    Teams should each have one Flag ship. Just import the Hillside ships, Should be easy because there’s already a Mason and Agatha one. This will also solve a very discussed problem with ship maps by providing a protected spawn area for each team.

    In the large space between the flag ship, there should be boats, like the one I have a link to above, but much more of them, maybe about ten. Planks between the boats.

    Boats should look like this.(Though the hillside boats are already almost there.)

    Remove boat sails from the Hillside boats, they would get in the way of Archers.

    Make sure there is plenty of cover from those annoying archers, who will be shooting out of the already-existing cannon holes of the flag ships.

    Catapults should go on the flagships, ballistae on elevated positions on SOME of the boats.


    This map would be great for just about anything but TO. There could be a duel and FFA versions. This map would be great for Capture the Flag, and that commander vs. commander game type some people (including me) have been asking for.

  • Here’s a “Map” of the map.


  • Battle of Chibi anyone? Send Huang Gai to hit their ships with a fire attack!

  • I see a problem with this, the Hillside ships have no collision.

  • @Pebble:

    I see a problem with this, the Hillside ships have no collision.

    Rip it into Blender, add collision boxes, send it back to the SDK. Problem solved.

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