Block -> attack fails while running

  • when you block, and you click “attack”, it will stop blocking and attack. if you release block and attack, it will que the attack and attack when ready.

    however, if you block while running, and you release block, no attack will happen if you press any kind of attack within a short time from releasing your block, and you just have to guess when this time stops. only with MAA and buckler can you tell when you’re ready to attack, since after you stop blocking, the buckler will stay in place for exactly as long as you can’t attack. doesn’t happen that way with Heater shield or for the javeliner, which just have to guess at it.

    really annoying.

  • bump.

    what, nobody has this problem? i know, Vanguards don’t use shields, so who cares?…

    it’s a really bad bug. it’s so annoying and unintuitive that whenever you’re running, you have to keep your block button pressed and press “attack” simultaneously, because releasing the block-button so you can attack actually makes your attack not work.

    the other way around would make some sense. this way is so horrible. i don’t even wanna know how often this kills me.

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