Funny experience with shields

  • I keep hearing how bad shields are but lately I am having weird experience vs shields in game. People block me without even looking at me. I can be coming from behind and they still block it if they are slightly turned to the side. Now we all know that it should be actually that you can’t block if you are slightly off and not being able to block when you are slightly looking into the direction where attack is coming from. Also I know that you block better by crouching and looking down but thats not the case. People that done it were basically everyone, from new people to high lvls. They don’t even see me but still block. This is not the issue up close since you can drag it past the shield but from range. Yes, two handed weapons got bigger hit box and easier to block for some dumb reason but I still do expect to land a hit if they are not even looking at me.
    I thought maybe they did something to shields so I got on knight with a shield and tried let it do all the job without aiming blocks much, did not work. Still get hit.
    I don’t ask to nerf something or say that something is op, just wanna share my funny experience that I have with shields. Anyone else expiriencing this? When you coming with overhead to the archers side or even back and they block it with buckler without looking at you or bending backwards and they don’t even know that they did it.

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