New forum: What happened to egosearch/"view your posts"?

  • Am I blind? Is it hidden somewhere?

    Egosearching was an extremely useful way to keep track of the threads I was actually interested in without having to scour through the forum boards.

    This on top of the new (hopefully temporary) design of this forum, which already makes things really hard to read and navigate and track, means I can’t really participate on the forum any more. At least not willingly / for fun and not without risk of getting a headache.

  • If you click on the drop down arrow to the RIGHT of your user name in the top right corner, a drop down menu appears. At the bottom of the menu you can see the link to your beloved ego search :)

  • Yeah its a little annoying since I always clicked Active Topics from a thread and its not in the same place.

    But you can also click the Orange (lol) house icon top left and then it shows the usual links - Your Posts, Active Topics etc.

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