New Death Animation Idea ! VOTE

  • I think it would be a really cool idea:

    When you die in chivalry its sorta just a fade to grey sorta deal nothing special.
    It would be epic if when you die it does the sorta 007 style death where red blood drips down. ok ok i know people may think its cheezy but that was due to the outrageous music that went along with it! if Torn Banner made it look like an updated version of that it would be a lot more fun to die/ less rage inducing. plus its just adds to the overall awesome gore of the game!

  • That wouldn’t really be realistic though. If you died from being stabbed in the chest, how will that cause blood to drip over your eyes?

  • Well it doesnt necessarily have to be blood drip, but if u were stabbed in the stomach some/alot of vital organs would be hit and you would be spurting/spitting out blood from your mouth, which could potentially do a blood drip. realistically if u were stabbed or died i think it would turn completely black or white idk lol. Think of it this way if torn banner started off with this blood “drip” (even though it doesnt have to be a drip but just something with blood ) and then they made it to just grey, people would probably making a vote to bring it back. Idk i thought i would be a cool idea :o

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