Not your every 'rank bug' topic

  • I’ve seen a lot of post about people whinning about their bugged ranks. Yeah, mine also jumped from 5 to 32 once, though it would rank up since then (I’m 35 now). I’d love to reset my rank, and I don’t mind reseting my weapons along, I use defaults anyways.

    did it happen to any of you, that, being in a server (I’ve seen on some posts that rank bugging wouldn’t happen on official servers. I don’t play them, what a pity), your bugged rank jumped back to original?
    I was doing my daily routine, you know, trying not to fall down in lava and stuff, when suddenly, after killing some guy…‘rank 6’. What the F? Rank went back to normal!
    So I was as happy as anyone could be winning the lottery or being father for the first time. By the way, I don’t remember if the server was official or not, tho I doubt it, and I don’t know if my unlocked weapons had been reset (Defaults, remember?).
    But sh*t happens, people. After the match (I was 6 till the end), when I left and joined another server, I was back to 35. I couldn’t be a noob no more! Is this THAT random? Such a cruel world!

    Sooooooooooooo…did this happened to anyone else?

  • That’s one of the temp rank bugs. It was just a Coincidence that you went to 6.

    If of are 35 now you would probably be about rank 14-16.

    Another temp rank bug is where half the server all goes to the same rank.

    The main perm rank bug puts you on rank 45. And you are jus shy of rank 46. About 2 games later you hit 46.

    Then there the random perm rank bug. Which isn’t as common.

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