Mouselag + vertical mouse movement is slow and lags more

  • hi

    i experience mouselag even if i deactivate vsync.
    also the vertical mouse movement is WAY slower than the horizontal, and the lag is stronger there aswell.

    and why is the game capped as 60fpsß i have a 120 hz monitor and the game doesnt feel as smooth as it should because of the lock imho.

  • You can disable the fps lock by going into My Documents\My Games\CHivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini and modify the following lines:

    And we are aware about the differences in the speed you can turn vertically/horizontally and are looking into it :)

  • thank you very much for the quick response. the fps unlock has worked :)
    seems my 50 euro are well spent :)
    i have another 2 questions if you dont mind:

    what does bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE exactly do?

    and are you aware of the mouselag problem aswell?
    are there some ini-tweaks too which could remove this issue?

  • im experiencing mouselag too, my computer can handle the graphics and everything but the mouselag is making me not able to play the game

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