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  • Hey there reader. So this topic may have been posted before, though I cannot seem to locate it so I figured I may as well make a topic.

    Leveling up in this game. Now that there are actual rewards for leveling up (shiny silver hat, shiny gold hat, morrowind enchanted hat…) I have actually began to take notice of my level. And I haven’t leveled in quite sometime. I am not sure if it is intended to be a long slow grind, being level 36 which is not exactly massively high on the scale, and one who generally scores highly in the leaderboards in my gametypes, I was wondering: What exactly is the deal with leveling? Is there some way to see your experience and how much is needed to the next one? Is it kills or score?

  • Think it is 1,280 kills per level; from levels 36 to 42.

  • 29-39 2500 kills a rank

  • Honestly, it’s better not to think about it and just focus on playing the game and be pleasantly surprised when they unlock.

  • @dotamachine:

    29-39 2500 kills a rank

    Thought it started off at 20 and doubled every 7 ranks? There is a thread on this somewhere.

  • Actually your right after double checking my math

    20-40(starting with lvl 7)-80(14)-160(21)-320(28)-640(35)-1280(42)-2560(49)-5120(56)-10240(62)

  • Ahh thank you all for the information, much appreciated. Yeah, I think I will just try and throw it to the back of my mind, I was just amazed that my levels had stayed the same for so long, but its actually just because of the multiplier.

  • Good luck with that; it’s a good plan, I got a little less obsessed after reaching rank 40 but I’ll probably get addicted to rank watching again when I’m nearer rank 50. It’s a weakness.

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