Server rejection 'host has downloadable content'

  • ‘you cannot join the match because the host has downloadable content you do not’

    This all stopped working after the latest customisation patch. The dedicated server has been updated, uninstalled and reinstalled, Steam restarted, Computer restarted and it is definitely not in the beta.

    My client is definitely not in the beta and is fully updated with the customisation patch.

    What else could be giving me the above error on trying to connect to my dedicated server?!


  • We had this happen with one of our servers after the patch. Apparently it was a botched update that caused it. What server provider are you using and have you checked with them?

  • I am hosting the server on one of my own machines. It certainly seems to speak of something going wrong with the update process. Having reinstalled twice now I’m not sure how to fix it…

  • without seeing exactly what you’re doing there are too many factors to work it out. Last time I saw it happen a user was editing stuff in the cooked area instead of the config area. But aside from that am not sure what else to suggest

  • @Crusty:

    Please delete PCServer-UDKEngine.ini, update, and try again. I’ve rolled out a fix for PCServer-UDKEngine.ini, and a possible fix for a rare server crash we’ve had since at least CU1 (maybe launch).

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