Game is still hacked

  • you guys sure seem to have no problem nerfing the game ridicolously yet you still have sum vicious hacks going on right now!

    and right after a new patch, thats pretty bad.

    last night a guy named snip came in my server and proceeded to run up a score of 182 kills and 8 deaths all while running around invisible and unbannable, this is just unacceptable torn banner!

  • Well first torn banner has to work out “How the fuck do the hackers do this in the first place”.

    I mean do you know? No. I mean you would have to be the damn hacker now wouldn’t you.

    They introduced VAC. Lots of bans. When has VAC ever been flawless? CS:S and TF2 still get hacked to bits.

  • really i could care less about them hacking, we just need to be able to ban them is all :D

    thats the real issue here.

  • It’s an ongoing process. Stay tuned.

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