Crouch Delay

  • Couple of points where crouching is delayed quite drastically: after a jump and after an MAA dodge. Ducking under blows is fun, if you can do it right, it shouldn’t be constrained in this way.

  • wut ^

  • OK, so it works slightly differently for each.

    With dodge, if you dodge and then hold crouch, there’s a beat before crouch becomes available again. You dodge, and you’re left standing there like a right plum. If you’re trying to get to the side of a vanguard sword charge and need to duck under it at the last second, this will get you killed every time.

    If you jump and hold crouch, so as to land in one, nothing will happen. It’s not a delay, crouch is just disabled when airborne (as is right) but won’t work untill you press it again when back on the ground.

    For the first, dodging into a crouch should feel responsive, and doesn’t. The second isn’t as significant, perhaps it’s intentional to avoid ‘dolphin diving’ behaviour. But it creates an unresponsive feeling, and a well timed crouch would negate it anyway. Weirdly, if you drop of an edge and hold crouch, you DO land in one. So it’s not even consistent.

  • Even while standing and doing nothing there is a crouch delay. This is an intended feature from what I’ve heard.

  • Obviously it’s much longer than normal or I wouldn’t comment.

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