Aiming, Spectating, Weapon stuck

  • Javelin Strafing
    When throwing a javelin while strafing, the character will take a step forward before throwing.

    When throwing a javelin while not strafing, the character will not take a step forward before throwing.

    When the forward step is taken, the crosshairs move towards the direction of the strafe, relative to the point it was at during the moment of LMB release. The projectile does not follow the path that the crosshairs indicate at the moment of release of the LMB. This is in contrast to how the crossbows and bows perform while strafing.

    FFA Spectating
    Unable to spectate when game mode is FFA.

    Catapult Weapon Stuck
    When hit off a catapult the weapon becomes stuck. Switching weapons fixes this, but sometimes weapon switching it also stuck.

  • That’s how javelins used to work. When you threw a javelin you guy takes a step forward. They got rid of that.

    Obviously its bugged and still works for strafing.

  • Jesus this explains a lot.

    Added to viewtopic.php?f=87&t=16598 and viewtopic.php?f=87&t=16637 is there another weapon in the game that requires as much attention as this?

  • added new bug

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