Votekicks on Duel maps

  • I’ve only recently come across a ‘hacker’. And this was on a duel server, and as my timezone and location dictates there aren’t many low ping servers that are good. Skill and people-wise.

    And in one of these I came across a speedhacker playing archer, who was just making everyone on the server quit, effectively emptying an entire duel server. And I just think it’d be good to have a ‘kick’ function within a duel server. I don’t know if there is one in place already, because I tried the usual way for chivalry to attempt to get the guy off the server, and there was no admin on the server at the time either.

    so what I’m proposing, an idea if you will.
    is that the votekick system be implemented onto duel servers.

  • 1. Open console (~)
    2. Type “votekick”
    3. Search for hacker number (for example 4:Rumpelstiltskin)
    4. Type “votekick 4” to kick Rumpel.

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    1. Open console (~)
    2. Type “votekick”
    3. Search for hacker number (for example 4:Rumpelstiltskin)
    4. Type “votekick 4” to kick Rumpel.

    thank you, will try.

  • Dude you play in AUS right? All you gotta do is get a video of this dude hacking. Then go to the console an type “getplayerinfo [NAME]” and take a screenshot of that. Leaving it blank will bring up the complete Los of players.

    You also don’t need the entire name. You can type in the first 3 characters and it will still work. The middle 3 characters the last 3. It doesn’t matter just ha to have part of the hackers name afte the getplayerinfo command

    After that his steam UID will pop up. Hit F12 and it will take a screenshot of it.

    Then go to click contact us and select trouble maker report. Fill out the form and the next day if we admins find that this guy is actually hacking he gets banned from 27 servers.

    If you have more than one screenshot or the upload fails upload the images to and like the URL in the troublemaker report comments. With your video its best to compress it, handbrake is a good program for that. Then upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video. Meaning only those with the link can see the video. Link that video to us too.

    It may be trouble. But it will get rid of him FOREVER rather than for just 5 minutes.

    You can do the whole thing in less that 5 minites if you know what you are doing. Though the video upload may take a while. Compressing it and cutting it down will help with that if you have a low capped plan and slow broadband.

    The free version of bandicam or dxtory are good recorders. Also 720 is what we need for quality so we can see usernames and stuff. Bandicam records at a far lower file size to start off with. So I would get that.

    All votekick does is make it someone else’s problem. An he’s likely to come back to yor server again.

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