Cant connect to network

  • Hey I am quite new to this so I don’t know how to say this. Every time I go to play Chivalry and open up the join servers option, no servers open up. Then when I go into Customization, it says something along the lines of “Could not connect to network”. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but still the problem comes up. When I play with bots, my name is Player not my actual steam name. I really need some help!

  • You are sure that you are not in “offline-mode” in steam? Also check your firewall I guess.

  • I am not in offline mode and I also checked my firewall. The game worked perfectly until the last time i updated it.

  • can you connect directly to anything? If you open the console and try “open IP” (where IP is a server IP such as

  • Do I do this from the main menu? Because I tried it from the main menu and it didn’t work.

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