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  • I have problem with blocks lately. Now post patch it seem that it is harder to block and it just does not work. I thought it could be just me just having bad luck but then I heard more people saying they have same issue. There are several weapons especially harder to block now, I am not sure if it is just lag due to customization or something else.
    To make this clear of the start, I can still block majority attacks but not as much as I used to pre patch and not cause I am doing something wrong. I could have a fast paced fight against ns maa while using gs at close range and still win it, so that to clarify that I had not trouble blocking pretty much anything.
    So now more attacks go through even through blocks. I know most people wil say that either I am doing it wrong or that people got better. On which no and no. I can block most attacks just fine but then same attack would just go through the block that usually works. It is not that people got better cause they don’t do anything different and it is often pretty low ranked players too. There no drags or lockdowns it is just straight forward attack that should have been blocked. Polearms in general, the stab is ridicilous now, it hits through block all the time with no drags when I know it should have been blocked. Just forward running one handed sword lmb spammers, now that should be very easy to block. Yet it hits when I usually have no trouble blocking it. Some overheads on any weapon go through more now too.
    So basically I can still block most of the attacks but it is very irritating when just straight forward attack hits you through block when you can block much more difficult dragged ones just fine.
    The special case is one handed sword point blank stabs, thore are nearly impossible to block. I know they are coming, the parry just does not come up in time. The stab animation on them was changed and it is so much easier to land that stab now. This really does not have anything to do with the topic but I wanted to mention it.

  • It takes a little bit of time to block now.

    So now you have to block at the latest moment possible, to avoid feints, but do it earlier enough that you’ve lifted your shield in time to avoid being stabbed in the face.

  • I do not block early, actually I did block in latest moment possible there.

  • I don’t think parrying is any different from before the customization patch. I think it’s all in your head.

  • How is being stabbed with polearm through block that worked just fine before is in my head? I am not talking about skilled players dragging their attacks past block, it is just a stab that went through all the different blocks that I tried. This is just one weapon example.

  • if anything, parrying/blocking is easier for the most part. Theres some issue with swings going through people though, and i feel that some go through parries too… what can ya do.

    for the record, i know how to parry and block, but i do agree that some swings are starting to go through them. Biggest culprit seems to be vanguard overheads, and SOME pokes from all classes, even when parry should be perfect landing.

  • Blocking is generally easier, yeah. As you said some attacks go through still.

  • onyxia deep breaths more.

  • @Sciffer:

    Blocking is generally easier, yeah. As you said some attacks go through still.

    i have a farfetched theory… everyone has probably had a time where a swing goes through a parry, yet it doesn’t hit you. For instance a slash will go through your attempted parry, but neither do damage nor get stopped by the parry correct? Well, what IF… what if now sometimes the same thing happens where the attack goes through the parry, but DOES do damage? There’s already confirmed swings that go through people and don’t do any damage, how do we know they don’t go through parries?

    Just sayin.

  • It could be that I guess. I blocked way too many stabs before to just get hit by something like that lol. I know everyone can miss a swing and it does happen but when you actually trying to block something that you can usually block easily and still get hit, it’s hard to find excuses to defend the game and to blame yourself.
    I had most experience like you mentioned with stabs that would go through blocks too and do no dmg so it could explain these stabs that go through and do dmg.

  • You keep mentioning ‘blocks’ and i generally attribute that to blocking with a shield. Since the most recent patch shields have a ‘lift time’ as well as a ‘drop time’. So if you leave the shield block too late you can get hit.

    Are you talking exclusively about parrying with a weapon?

  • Yeah sorry. I mean parrying with weapon.

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