The difficulty with interrupting Spear thrusts

  • I’ve noticed with Spears, as with similar ranged weapon, that interrupting the thrust attack is seemingly difficult for the apparent time frames involved. When playing with an emphasis on offensive tactics one of the basic aims is to interrupt or intercept around attacks. Well the latter is doable at times yet as discussed elsewhere the ability to drag an attack including thrusting attacks makes such an attempt precarious. The former is a little more perplexing to me, because when familiar with the timings involved it would seem as though I should have the priority in attacking in advance of a Spear thrust entering the release phase. Yet often enough, really more often than not, I typically end up trading attacks with a full thrust attack.

    my question is whether there is a reason for this that might better elucidate how game mechanics are realised in-game. For instance, is the start of the animation a little more subtle so it is easy to mistake the start of an attack as actually closer to release. Or perhaps is it one of the quirks of stab attacks having a ‘faster’ attack once in the release phase, a possibility which can be very noticeable with the quick overhead stabs approximating almost instant-like attacks at times.

    besides a general query for what might be occurring I would not mind any advice or special insights regarding how to best approach spear type weaponry since as mentioned it often too easy to end up trading attacks which will almost always favour the spear.

  • If you want to learn the spear animations create a game with bots, pick up a spear, go third person, and watch yourself attacking a wall. See when it hits the wall, see what your arms are doing and when.

  • Its funny because the spear is difficult like this, but the brandistock and polehammer (and a couple of others) have this irritating problem where on ‘stabbing’ you see the tip of the weapon go through the target, but the hit doesn’t register immediately because apparently the stab is….not working for some reason even though it should be in release phase at this stage and so you end up getting stabbed in the face by the other guy who has a carving knife… :?

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