Shield contribution to 1 handers by speed

  • After watching an old video posted by Hexen (link: This is adressed at 0:33 -0:53) one concept intrigued me quite a bit. His main purpose of the shield is to increase the wind up phase of the attack, I’ve tested this recently with the current patch and have found similar results. I feel the purpose if this if it isn’t a glitch is that since shields increase the recovery time of the weapon your using, to balance the total animation of the swing through wind up, release and recovery to remain similar is to decrease the wind up

    While mostly attributed to the starting position of the wind up becoming active closer to the front of your model and without needing to pull your arm to behind you when winding up without a shield you will reduce your active attack hitbox behind you. Notable weapons you will definitely feel the increase with is especially the Norse sword but also includes the morning star and broad sword. Particularly the slash and overhead definitely come out faster, the Norse sword stab feels faster also.

    Another note that is not addressed in this video but I had noticed while testing the weapons against walls as well as other players is that with special mention to the morning star but noticeable on other weapons you will have a slight range increase most notably on slashes. Since the starting point of the release frames comes out more in front of you to the side instead of behind you as I’ve stated previously, the weapon seams to extend slightly further than without a shield.

    I’d like to hear other’s thoughts, comments and experience with these particular attributes when using a shield. While your losing stamina drain on block, shield lift time, oil pot, slight recovery, no riposte and vulnerability to kicks the trade off for using a shield may be slightly better than previously perceived as you gain arrow protection, long range (outside of kick range) feint protection, a better kick / shield bash (imo it seams to come out faster and with a wider arc), ease recovering health with shield blocking projectiles while not blocking, ability to block multiple opponents in team battles (cover allies) but now also faster wind up speeds and a slight range increase. This play style can also be exploited by the man at arms dodge as while he must block sometimes he can often dodge instead of blocking (less stamina than blocking a 2 hander). Also his faster arsenal of 1 handers, need to strike first without taking hits and ability to position quickly allow him to take the advantages of using a shield best.

  • this is one reason i was getting so frustrated in duels the other day. I mentioned to try to go against an maa with a shield and a holy water sprinker. The attacks come at an alarming rate and are almost impossibe to block. They’re even faster than the bearded axe swings, and even if you are perfect aim and timing they still get through. What was more frustrating going against shields that are easy to kick now… the maa bug where they can dodge out of getting shield kicked, and then smack you again with that god forsaken holy water, unbearable.

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