• Suggestion is same as that used in the game Rising Storm, your profile retains a value ‘Honor’ which is visible across servers and to other players. You team kill your honor goes down, you kill the other team your honor goes up.

  • i’d rather just have teamkills/teamdamage numbers and percentage on the scoreboard. Players with a lot of kills will have a higher rank because of it. Players that want to troll will focus on having the lowest honor possible, something to strive for.

  • Thats useful for micro’ing trolls, but I was thinking more of servers restricting players based on low honor- so detecting a pattern of team killing through a value that persists.

  • wow, wow…getting way ahead of ourselves here. first, lets expand the stats in general. like, it would be nice to have displayed to at least yourself how much damage you did to and received from team-mates.

    right now, damage dealt and received is absolutely worthless anyway. somtimes i’m dead, but it says like 80 damage received, which is quite impressive.

  • They should make an achievement: Team Killer ;D

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