[Suggestion] Finishing Moves

  • I know this thread will have some negative responses, and I am unsure exactly how the new combat system is working just now but I have a concept here which could be added to the current combat system.

    Basically a finishing move feature, which allows players to “finish” there opponent off in style. The way this could work, would be when a player is fighting an opponent and the player is winning against the opponent, a circle appears in the middle, bottom part of the player screen, with a letter inside the circle; this invites the player to enter the finishing move struggle against the opponent. As an example, if the player is fighting an opponent and the circle appears, with the option to press ‘L’ to enter the finishing move struggle, both players then have a bar appear at the bottom, middle section of the screen, and both players must tap the stated button repeatedly and whoever is the quickest win’s. This bar would have a small arrow on it and either players name on either side of the bar, and if player 1 is faster than player 2, then the arrow would move towards player 2. If the player who started the finishing move struggle wins, he then gets to “finish off” the enemy with an animation, killing the opponent. However if he loses, then the struggle ends and they return to regular combat while damaging the player who innitiated the struggle slightly. Also this struggle could have a time limit of 8 seconds for example, if both players are very fast and the arrow on the bar remains in the middle, then both players exit the struggle after those 8 seconds and continue regular combat. Also, during the struggle, an animation would be required as though both players are struggling, i.e. both swords against each other forcing it upon each other. However of course, this would be happening during war, and this isn’t one vs one, and so other players can interrupt the finishing move struggle by attacking the enemy player, damaging him, therefore finishing moves would make the player vunerable against other enemies.

    Here’s a very fast drawing of the bar im referring to:
    _ = bar
    | = bar arrow

    Player 1 _________| Player 2

    Feedback is more than welcome, I think this addition to the combat system would make it more interesting and engaging and it would be visually stimulating to see when moving across the battlefield.

  • Developer

    I like the concept of the idea, but I do not feel it fits well with Chivalry. I know we all love that cinematic style epic finishing blow that hollywood movies have that really add that element of visual excitement and that’s a true challenge for a video game, much more so, a multi-player videogame to be able to achieve.

    To understand why I feel that your system would not be ideal for Chivalry’s combat style, we have to look at what the underlying principles of how we are designing the combat system. The team believes that the two most important factors in a melee combat game are:

    1. Responsiveness of gameplay - How much it feels like YOU are doing the actions, as opposed to how much it feels like your simply watching your character perform a move after you hit a key (ex. Assassins Creed, Mortal Combat)

    2. Window for intelligent response - We believe that in order to have depth and true strategical value in a game, all actions performed by one player, must have valid and recognizable signals for the opponent to not only understand what his opponent is about to do, but also be able to intelligently react to that and counter or avoid his opponents action. Of course this window of time will vary based on the action you are performing and its always possible to catch someone off guard. The primary benefit of always having a window for intelligent response is that it allows players to become engaged in exchanges, attacking and defending in unison as opposed to just trying to hit and run.

    So basically, on the idea of “Finishing Moves”, the team feels that they should only be incorporated if we have a method to make them feel like the player is physically performing them himself AND if their is a window for intelligent response from his opponent. For that reason we are opposed to the idea of button mashing in an effort to win the right to defeat your opponent.

    So essentially, we want finishing moves to be something that players actually create themselves using the game mechanics and we want to bring that level of cinematic epicness to the control of the player and its up to you to execute those difficult moves to land an awesome killing blow that you can be proud of having performed.

  • Ive read through, and you’ve definately provided very valid points, especially your first point. It does make sense that if that feature I have suggested was implimented, then it would be simply watching your character rather than performing it yourself.

    The moral idea in that idea was to provide a more cinematic experience, and the actual struggle was supposed to simulate the players involvement in the struggle, yet I understand that this does not suffice. I suspect any other way of providing such a cinematic experience in a similar way could present problems, doesnt seem like an easy task to think of and impliment.

  • Finishing moves look cool and all, but like Tibberius stated, it would not be very fluent as though your making the move yourself.

    The only way I van see a cool finishing move, such as a twirl and decapitation work, is you have to hit a certain amount of keys like a combo attack. And that would kind of make Chivalry a little too much of a button masher.

    I’m sure decapitations, dismemberment, and all kind of gruesome things will be implemented anyways to meet our bloodlust none the less. :lol:

  • well, the movement system in chivalry will be different to a traditional fps.

    I don’t know anything about it, but I assume it would be based on more realistic melee combat movement. For example, a side step would actually be a side step, not simply what happens in a regular fps(begin gliding in one direction).

    And the same would go for a backwards step/jump or a spin/power attack.

    FYI, double tapping to jump is annoying, but that is only in a regular fps situation(in my experience).

    I don’t know how the chivalry movement system will work, but if there were to be side steps and lunges, it might work better with pressing and holding shift while quickly pressing a movement key.

  • I am very happy Tibberius thinks like that.

    He is making me believe this game will be awesome with his thoughts… !!!1

  • Not sure if any of you played Mortal Online, but in Mortal Online there was something called Mercy mode. Mercy mode was basically when an enemy’s health gets below around 5% health or so, there was a chance that your enemy would drop to his knees enabling you to take action against him (in mortal online you pressed one button or you could actually attack the way you wanted to perform a finishing move and it would vary depending on the weapon but maybe a system like this would work with Chivalry without the one button press, rather your enemy falls to the ground leaving himself vulnerable for you to actually slash at his neck to decapitate or slashing at other body parts or attack directions to perform different “finishing moves” such as a downward slash at the shoulder maybe cutting through to the mid chest area etc)

    Just a thought on the subject.

  • I’d have a rough time killing someone defenseless, honestly :P. Anyway, while it wouldn’t really add much to gameplay, it may be aesthetically pleasing. I’m pretty neutral on that.

    I remember that in Mortal Online though. I only played it once. I went online in the free beta, and after hours and hours of patching, I spawned with a woodcutting axe and some other tool, and had no idea what the fuck I was supposed to do. So I see a city a bit further, and I decide that I’ll go explore there. I notice some random guy, looking rather well-equipped, walking about in the vicinity of where I spawned, and I decide that it’s safer to avoid him. Anyway, he notices me, draws his weapon and comes after me. I just figured out how to draw my own weapon (a woodcutting axe) and have at him. Due to the lag, I had no clue what exactly was going on (I saw my opponent make some jerky movements with his weapon, but these didn’t correspond at all with the moments I took damage) and aimlessly swung my axe around a bit, only to find myself dropped on my knees seconds later. My small-penised opponent then decided it was hilarious to ask me to “BEEEEEG!”. Which I might have done if I knew how to open the fucking chat :P. Well, if I would have found out in time, it’s more probable that I’d have used it to shout enough profanities to get banned from the server. This all happened within the first ten minutes I played. I spent the next fifteen or so looking for one of these resurrection altars or whatever they’re called. After an irritatingly long, dull walk, I respawn, to find myself in a city full of naked people (with MO’s famous genitals) without any equipment or any clue what to do. Having spent so long to find out that I’m still not a step further towards having fun in that game, I quit and decided to pick it up later, when I wasn’t that frustrated anymore.

    Never played it again :|.

  • That’s a good mo review.

  • AAh mortal online. When i first played i picked a class (dunno which, one without the starter tools you need), and opened the tutorial menu, it said “you will have an axe and something else”, obviously i didn’t have the axe. So I gave up after about an hour trying to find my axe, found a town, hit the suicide button, spent 2 minutes running around crying for help on how to stop the suicide. Then after i resurrected, I was outside the town, oddly enough, i had no idea how to get back in. So I wondered the empty mountanous area for a few more hours, ended up finding some coastal village thing, drowned, quit, never played again.

  • sounds like a good game so far, where can i pick it up? :P

  • People with macro’s will pwn so hard in a button bashoff. Just saying.

  • It’s not a button bashoff though.

  • LoL, there are plenty of people with horror stories about mortal online. The game lacked a manual and took a bit to get used to and figure out. Once you got into it, it turned out to be lots of fun ( for me anyway ). The game ended up dying down a bit in population after all the clans pretty much on the whole server joined into an alliance with one side in a server side war, pretty much making the odds of the war 80% to 20% and when that 20% got sick of getting attacked by all those gangs of people outnumbering them, they quit. Then it seems like the other side with the 80% we now 100% and had no one to fight pretty much except ganking random people soloing lol. If that wasnt bad enough, a GM actually stepped in during a siege on a keep and rebuilt the walls that were just destroyed by the enemy causing 2 whole clans to instantly pretty much quit, the company of the game had a meeting with all of the clan leaders involved ( including me ) and kept apologizing trying to beg people to keep playing and not quit promising some free game time which I dont think anyone ever saw. Anyway, thats how it seems, not sure the state of the game right now but I have to say I had a really good time playing it despite all the bugs that the developers failed to fix over several tries. What could have been the greatest MMO ever ( in my opinion ) looks like it lacks brains in the development team.

    All in all it was a pretty fun game, but the devs really screwed it by tweaking too much after release. So chivalry team please dont do that for yours and our sake lol.

  • Developer

    I believe, and I do not have any more information than any of you, but I believe that the mortal online team’s main issue was money. Not that they were “stupid” or lacked brains, but they had to release the game earlier than they wanted to because of how expensive it was for them to make the game. This forced them to try to make up for it by essentially developing the game after releasing it. I think they made some foolish decisions along the way of course and Mortal Online will always have some negative stigma attached to it for many people but I believe their issues started with money or lack their of.

  • Yea pretty much they didnt have the inputs(economical) to develop such a revolutionary game.

  • I personally have been playing Mortal Online since launch and I must tell you I really think they are a intelligent developer team. I always enjoyed the game even when it wasn’t perfect, and it still isn’t perfect. I believe they have a bit of pressure from their sponsors, a low income and a small team but I do think that this game is on the right track.

  • Hi, I agree with the idea of not having massively uberskillful killing moves without that much input of the player, but for archers would it be a good idea to give them a small, long-bladed knife as an upgrade/unlockable which can be put through the visor of downed knights for an insta-kill, this is of course what did happen (read bernard cornwells azincourt) but only if knights can be knocked down. but all the same as long as it has awesomely messy animation :D

  • @Tibberius:

    I like the concept of the idea, but I do not feel it fits well with Chivalry. I know we all love that cinematic style epic finishing blow that hollywood movies have that really add that element of visual excitement and that’s a true challenge for a video game, much more so, a multi-player videogame to be able to achieve.

    I agree with tibbykins
    Its a great idea but in my opinion and i think alot of players would agree with me (ego much i know right) the best thing about aoc is your ability to constantly fight your enemies going hell for leather, parrying, dodging , striking killing blows left and right. Its fast paced (ignoring the freeze tag argument) and more often then not you will find yourself fighting more than one opponent leaving you no time to watch a special animated killing move. Besides if your like me the moment you have killed someone your going to be running to the next crucial part of the map whether attacking or defending. Being stuck in an animation and then getting brained from behind would leave many players pulling out hair and to be quite honest if i could leave someone in an extending incap animation and not have to do a finishing move i would everytime, it would annoy the hell out of them and would increase their respawn time helping my team.

    Its flashy and often used in games to to cover up a poor combat system or a generally boring game. (assassins creed put me to sleep, only so many times you can do the falling from the sky finishing move.)

    Tlldr: Fast paced action that forces a player to think about conserving health and stamina rather than dancing around the field doing finishing moves is the way to go.

    (Let it be noted that at the time of writing this i am quite inebriated and warn any readers that errors are likely, sincerest apologies.)

  • tipsy-blogging? I like it!!
    anyways sorry if you’ve let this die but what about at the end-of-game? think of tf2 where the losers surrender and get butchered where they stand with taunt kills and such, so maybe for this, epic finishing moves could be used here?

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