Latency for an Aussie

  • This game looks pretty damn good, but i want to know what the ping is like for Australians, and whether it will severly impact my gaming. If a fellow Aussie could tell me their average ping I would be gratefull and if it is below 250-300 i will fight by your side :P

  • I’m going out a limb here and saying Ping will matter like most other online games.

    Try to play on Aussie servers…pretty simply.

    200+ Ping is not enjoyable in any type of game and not acceptable in any type of game except MMO’s

    Given that this will have dedicated servers…yes, those Legendary things…I assume quite a few Aussie servers will be up and you’re good.

    I expect there to be a large German following of this game for some reason.

  • Well if thou hath spoken truely and there will be dedicated Australian servers I should be fine :P But what would the ETA be for them? And as for ping being the same for most online games… it all comes down to the servers hosting it and the netcode. I could play an online game thats hosted in North America and still get in excess of 500 ping.

  • There are Australian servers already :)

  • Well then i’ll see you all on October 16th :P

  • I just bought the instant access, there a 4 aussie servers with ping in the 50 -100 - noone playing on them - best ping I got elsewhere was 500 on the other servers. (though it is 1am so Ill try again in other times)

    But if you join then we can play together : )

  • after the game realeases i think there will be enough players from all regions, at least i hope ! :D

  • @b3h47pte:

    There are Australian servers already :)

    Praise the King!

  • So the game is out any news on Aussie servers? Do we have ppl playing in Aus?

  • @catar:

    So the game is out any news on Aussie servers? Do we have ppl playing in Aus?

    The Aussie population is alive and kicking judging by what I’ve seen of their server numbers.

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