Quite the Milestone

  • Since you have now sold over 1.2 million copies, do you think you can start working on removing the bugs and imbalances in the game? The hit registry is atrocious, and many weapons/classes need to be balanced. I can provide specific examples if necessary, but I’m sure they have been mentioned by other players.


  • Patching and improving Chivalry is something we have been doing since release, and will continue to do.

    You can try out new changes on the Beta client in Steam, if you would like to preview what we are working on before it goes live. All feedback on the Beta would be most appreciated here:


  • I think people wan a patch that’s dedicated to bugs. I mean just saying that the next patch is dedicated to bugs will make people happy. You make people hear what they want to hear and boom your audience is instantly happy.

    Balance wise the game is more or less fine. Its very hard to balance a game where skill is a huge factor.

    Also people like the small things. Like if you focused on all the small bugs that have been around for ages it’ll make people happy as well. Most of them get overlooked each patch. They are very common but not really game breaking. But its dissapointing seeing them.

    So calling your next patch “the bug fix patch with SDK” would be better than saying just “the SDK” patch. Yes you fix bugs every patch. But you need to say you fix the bugs. Words are better than action for some dumb reason. But it is what it is and you can easily exploit that adding in a couple of words each time you mention the next patch.

  • gets down on knees and puts hands together, looks up and says
    “please Torn Banner can you find it in the kindness of your heart to fix the bugs in this game and give us modding back”

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