Dragging… ( Continued )

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    If you have a bad net like I do, it’s impossible to read mouse dragging because their animation for dragging doesn’t show up until it’s too late for you to do anything about it. Otherwise, mouse dragging is fine and you just have to stay on your A game to read it and counter it. If your net does suck, get better net before asking it to be removed.


    Completely and totally block-able. Don’t just parry immediately if you’re getting dragged.

    Also, move into it and parry. Works VERY well.

    Also, move away from horizontal drags and attack. Even better.

    I had a guy call me a “piece of shit dragger” yesterday and feint me 7 times in one round. I mean, to each his own, but… really?

    Why are we trying to get rid of more game mechanics? Let’s stop this. I don’t care if you lose. I lose too. I wish they would nerf damage to me, it’s overpowered. After 4,000 messages to the devs they still refuse to, though.

    Also SOC- so you ARE NET SUCKS - PACKET LOSS, eh?

    Dragging… I don’t know. You kind of get stuck in the whole argument as to if this game is supposed to be realistic or or not. And by that I mean if you were to realistically slow your swing down as you can in game … Come on… how much damage would you really do… Pick up your house hold hammer and (drag / slow your swing) on a nail… So??? how’d you do?? lol…

    I personaly haven’t played the game that these folks ( apparently broke away from ) but it does sound as though those games had a more complex damage system. In any event when ever I play this game I am still reminded of " Die by the Sword " yes yes… it’s an older game but pretty much the same game (including the voice overs and limb / head lopping ) minus the better graphics. Which also makes me chuckle a bit when I hear TBS introduced something new. ;o) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41UyXgofO3o As a side note in this game you controlled your swing with the mouse and or joystick so you could completely guide your swing.

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