Ingame network graph console tool?

  • Is there a working console command in Chivalry’s Unreal console that will allow me to measure and graph my ping/lag when i join servers? Alot like the net_graph tool in the Source engine?

    If not, is there a thirdparty tool that can graph the packet flow from my Chivalry client to the specific server?

    I’m just not finding the scoreboard ping as a reliable source and the developers must’ve used some type of tool to measure the network lag in their play tests.

    Along with the subject of this game’s network stuff, are there any tweaks for decreasing ping in this game specifically. Because it seems that Chivalry is still ridden with the “32+ players = everyone has 100-200+ ping” predicament. This sort of thing doesn’t happen in all the other mainstream video games i’ve played, so it must be something in Chivalry that’s screwing up.

  • Always worth checking the console command showdebug

    You can also check out the gameplay profiler

    stat fps

    Shows current framerate (running average in Shipping, somethingrather in Release)

    stat unit
    Shows current frame time, split amongst game, drawing, and GPU threads.

    profilegame start
    profilegame stop

    Starts/stops the gameplay profiler. Profiles the gameplay thread in general, including specific Unrealscript functions. You may need to set STATS_SLOW to 1 to get detailed Unrealscript info. Instead of start/stop, you can put in a number for the number of seconds to run the profiler for.

    stat startfile
    stat stopfile

    Starts/stops stats gathering for Stats Viewer. Includes the same functionality as profilegame, and more. You can even connect Stats Viewer to a live server, although this will slow it down to almost unbearable levels.

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