Will the game get optimized

  • I purchased the instant access game and have played a couple of hours of the game and its great. I was wondering if it will be better optimized when officially released and also if the are going to improve the ai. Its still great as it is now!

  • Yes we are constantly working on optimizing the game. :)

    As for the AI, most of the work on that has been put on hold in favor of more crucial issues at the moment – but it’s definitely something we’ll look at again after release – there’s a lot of things we want to do with them :)

  • fantastic. I look forward to the ai improvments in the future but i am just glad you decided to put them in as most games dont bother, some people just dont have a great internet connection but want to play great games like this. cant wait to play more. great game :D :D :D

  • What are your specs? Curious here.

  • 3.5ghz dual core, 8gb ram , 1gb ddr5 graphics card. its an ok system and can run most recent games at over 40fps. I am getting some slow down in the beta especially when on large maps with more people and when running a custom game with bots.

  • What graphics card, name it?

    And specific processor model.

    3.5GHZ Dual Core isn’t as fast as it used to be - Unreal likes Quad Cores. Not to mention IPC has improved massively.

    A stock 2500K @ 3.3GHZ has a performance lead over a E8400 @ 4GHZ. New architectures and all that.

  • I tried the game on my newer computer. which is an i3 550 8gb ram and a radeon hd 5700, it performed pretty much the same (ok but unsteady with frame rates varying widely). Playable but even on medium settings could be better.

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