Plant the Flag Feedback

  • Over all I think its a great mode.

    having to push right into the enemy’s spawn is both fun and intense however I must ask…

    Is the flag bearer intentionally stripped to parry only?
    I can totally see how this would work as it forces better team work but to the guy with the flag its pretty much a death sentence with out some way to drop the flag.

    I am not a big fan of flag cap game modes but this is one take I can certainly see my self playing in the future.

  • Capture the flag ffa might be fun or capture the flag team ffa, the longer you hold the flag the more points you get.

    I doubt its intentional not being able to attack, I hope it doesn’t stay that way. Its hard enough getting people to get the flag, if you cannot attack oh man.

  • I’ve been playing more CTF in vanilla lately and I must say, it’s fairly enjoyable. It encourages natural teamplay I’d say even more than TO. People see the flag carrier and instinctively want to protect him, or assault the enemy carrier. It’s not perfect, people don’t necessarily coordinate prior to assaulting the flag, but it does bring pubs together more than other modes as far as I’ve seen.

    So naturally this should translate over to this mode. I think it could be a viable game-type. How popular would it be? Probably on the lines of CTF now, but I’m not certain. It may be more than this, as it will be constant action without much pause. If you have the flag, you have a clear purpose, there’s no waiting in your base for the enemy carrier to die. Just get the flag and charge to the enemies base. It’s quite interesting.

    That said, I hope the flag will get tracers back. You feel powerless without the potential to attack, you can only parry. No good. It’ll be easier to tell for sure how this mode will play out DW goes into beta with more testers and we can get a full server going, for now I can only say it’s fun and works in small groups.

    What maps will this be available on? Only the knight map?

  • I like this game mode, the one flag system makes the action more intense and the fact you must fight your way into the enemy spawn makes it less frustrating than chasing after someone that’s running away from you. Now they have to run towards you :)

  • Oh yeah so planting the flag, not capture the flag :). Its fun, easy to implement. Variety=win. It really lets you know where the action is all the time, new players and veterans alike have a arrow pointing them to battle.

    Then there is the catapult, right when I saw the flag marker I ran to the catapult. The flag marker gives you a great indicator where to aim. Also I really like how the knight map has 2 well placed catapults. I foresee this being a really fun map.

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