Video Settings

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    I guess it’s really easy to fix just don’t make it a toggle. The bug was there since the game came out.

    Can someone tell me in which file are the values saved so I can properly set them?

  • Oh, so that’s why it felt weird changing certain settings. Thanks!
    And yes, that should be easy to fix.
    And no, I don’t know which file it is in :/

  • And when you play or restart the game there are random values. Played a round against bots, left the game, checked options, oh look fooking VSync is suddenly set to true. This is really annoying.

  • reconnect into the console saves your changes.

  • @Deadpan:

    reconnect into the console saves your changes.

    I’m not sure what you mean by that, can you explain?

  • when you type “reconnect” into the console (press `) you will reconnect to the server, and when you come back the changes you made to the video settings will work.

  • That does not really help with the mentioned bugs, reconnect just reloads the level and makes it possible to apply options that need a restart.

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