New GPU & Monitor, Chivalry crashes PC

  • Title pretty much says it all. After installing my GTX 670 and ASUS VN247, after 45+ minutes of playing Chivalry it seems like there’s a 25% chance of the game crashing my whole PC and requiring a hard reset. (This has happened like 5 times in the past 20 hours of game time) My PC works fine again if I turn it off with the power button and it closes the crashed Chivalry .exe and I cancel the shutdown before it shuts off completely. This never happened before with my 570 and tiny monitor, my drivers are up to date, I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling them as well. Any ideas? I’m pretty stumped.

  • If it is hard crashing there is probably an overheating issue. With the GTX series cards download and use the EVGA precision X tweaking program. In your case, you don’t have to over clock but you can change your fan curve. What you will want to do is to increase your fan speed higher as your Temps get higher. DO this higher than the default settings. Yes it maybe louder but it will help keep it cool during a long gaming session. I would also get a can of compressed air and blow out any dust in your PC. You can also add additional fans keeping in mind to make sure that the air flow is IN on the front or side of your PC and blowing OUT the back of your PC. Also make sure that there is plenty of air flowing around your tower. Do not have a bunch of crap around it or on top of it. Modern PCs can produce a lot of heat if not properly ventilated. It will also help to keep you tower on the floor where the cooler air is.

    I know it maybe common sense but some people forget the little things.

  • I would check the temperatures will running the game first (in windowed mode) to see if its actually the problem.

  • I don’t believe it’s the temperature either. My PC stays pretty cool, around 45-55c during gaming and idling at 30. Perhaps Speccy is misreading the temperatures.

  • All it takes is a quick heat spike to shut down a PC. Keeping that in mind the two things you changed is clearly the issue. The vid card could be faulty or the fact that it probably requires more power than your older card. The monitor probably has nothing to do with it. Again get the EVGA Precision software and change your fan speed curve. There is also some setting where it will display your fps and GPU temp in real time while you play. So when it crashes you can at least see if there is a temp spike. Now I will say the current build of Chiv is crashing a lot. My video drivers constantly crash and recover while playing Chiv almost every time I play and I have the current drivers. At least once a gaming session the game will completely crash. This game is far from stable.

  • Alright, I’ll experiment with the fan curve thing for a bit. Much appreciated for the help either way.

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