Input Settings / Keybinds

  • [youtubehd:2it67a3r]QFIXhBEUWy4[/youtubehd:2it67a3r]

    • Mouse sensitivity slider is not working correctly, while the double tap slider does
    • INVALID keybinds after I deleted them
    • Weird behaviour when clicking binds, notice the right grey bar is not on the same line
    • No confirmation message for the Reset command
    • Keybinds are saved for the session when not clicking on Save, but not after game restart

    Overall is the look and feel of option menus dissatisfying. Just take a look at the Audio settings menu, who thought of that arrangement with checkboxes in front of a question, where the string nearly touches the one of the next option? That’s the first thing a new player sees when he starts the game the first time. I remember I was “shocked” when I first started the game back in November (that was also because of the really bad german localization). When I see the menus/options are fucked up and the look and feel is just bad I have a really bad first impression of a game.
    I understand balance problems that are still existing after nearly a year, but the menu should be working 100% in a game released ~10 months ago.

    Please take care of this.

  • Interesting. Looks like none of the settings work correctly.
    I also noticed, before this patch, after you chose your mouse sensitivity, saved, exited the menu, and went back, it would have updates. But now it doesn’t at all…
    I also don’t think the double tap setting saves at all. When I changed it to 100ms, I felt no difference. It even felt like the time increased. (Or the controls are just very unresponsive sometimes.)

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