• They don’t really work. A stab from too close goes through it with any weapon bar maybe daggers

  • It could be because of these reasons:
    1. He actually went around your shield, left, right or even above or below.
    2. Your, or his, or both of your ping is bad. Therefor the server doesn’t recognize that his weapon hit you shield first, and hit’s you instead.
    I’ve had to deal with this too, but I got an internet upgrade not a long ago and it haven’t happened since. Just be sure to point your shield at the weapon when you defend, it that doesn’t work, it’s probably the ping.

  • i think this can happen i think i’ve seen it before with a polearm. what happened was some Vanguard ran up to me and waited for the tip of his weapon to be passed my block, then he charged, and i got hit. my block was definitely on target, but it was already behind my block when he started an attack, and you can’t block weapons when they aren’t in an attack.

  • Nothing gets through my shield. They get around it lots. But I haven’t seen it clip through the model.

  • You can still pull up shit like this:

  • How about that buckler letting projectiles right through the center of it…

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    You can still pull up shit like this:

    OH! So that’s why I keep dying mysteriously! That’s pretty bad…

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